About Us

The Care Cabinet is a Christ-Centered 501c3 Nonprofit Organization that provides basic care items to those in need. It provides an immediate resolution for students with in-school needs.  The organization works with schools to identify areas within the school that can house these basic care items.

Items include:
Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, new socks, new underwear, winter gloves and hats, feminine hygiene products, wipes for accidents, belts, shampoo, soap, hair brush, hair ties, easy shelf stable meals, snacks, shelving units, backpacks, school supplies, containers for new items, new clothing sizes 2T through adult 2XL, new or gently used coats, new or gently used shoes, size 2T and up pull ups, little happy items- journals, stickers, coloring pens, coloring books, crayons, markers, small toys, etc.

It all started as a seed that God planted in the heart of Carrie Chambers.  She knew that God was guiding her to help schools in some way, but she had no idea what that was to be.  She met with the principal at her son’s school and explained the burden she had.  She began greeting children at the beginning of the 2022 school year.  As she greeted them, God revealed a great burden on her heart.  

Some children came into school without their basic needs being met at home.  They needed help getting their hair brushed.  They didn’t have the appropriate clothes needed for the season.  Carrie also noticed that although some children were getting their needs met at home, they had accidents in school.  They spilled an entire drink on themselves and needed a change of clothes.  Some had feminine hygiene needs and were not prepared with hygiene products and a change of clothing.  Some were simply just having hard moments and just needed a little extra attention and love.  

Carrie realized that the school had a small area for student needs that was lovingly put together by staff that would often buy these items out of their pockets.  Carrie believed that she could help provide these items for her son’s school by taking up a few donations from parents.  She succeeded with gathering items and organized them into labeled containers so that staff could easily identify what they needed.

Carrie thought that she did a good job and that she was obedient to God’s burden on her heart.  Good deed complete.  But…..that was just the beginning.  God had much bigger plans.

The Care Cabinet is now in multiple schools and growing at a rapid pace.  The mission helps the entire school system. 

Students are able to come to school with confidence knowing they will be taken care of should they have a need during the day.  They do not have to be embarrassed by their needs and items are given to them discreetly and confidentially.  The goal is to ensure that students feel supported and loved.  Someone cares for them.

Staff have a highly organized space located in a central spot in the school where they can come to gather items that they need for their students.  They no longer have to purchase items from their own pockets. The Care Cabinet does not require any type of accounting for items taken.  We do not know who receives items.  We trust our schools to know their student needs and appreciate them.  We want our teachers and staff to feel supported and loved.  They do so much more than educate our children.

Parents can feel confident that when their child is at school, any immediate need items will be provided.  Many times parents must leave work to come address their child’s needs.  They may have to take their child home to get a change of clothes and leaving work can often be stressful.  

The Care Cabinet runs completely off donations from amazing people like you.  We depend on both monetary donations and donations of items in order to maintain the schools that we are in and to grow into additional schools.  To God be ALL the glory.